What We Do

Essentially, what we do is bring apartment complexes, hotels and other commercial properties back to life at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation project. Our perfected method of surface refinishing is a cost-effective alternative to the high cost of replacing components such as countertops and old bathtubs that can be given new life. It’s no secret that a small investment into a hotel, apartment complex or other commercial property can mean a double or more return on that investment in value or profitability.  It’s no wonder why our services are in such demand by hospitality and property management firms in Houston and across the country.

What Drives Us

Building on the 40-plus year legacy since our inception; we are driven by the desire to show clients the hidden potential that lies beneath their properties worn out floors, countertops and other surfaces. Our method separates us from other companies in the industry and our attention to detail and strict quality standards further widens the gap between us and our competitors.

Focus On Perfection

It’s not just part of our name; perfection is the ultimate goal in every project we sign on for. Whether it’s a small hotel or a sprawling apartment complex or resort—we are our toughest critic and our finished work shows it. Successfully serving our clients since 1980; we have focused on getting the job done with utmost quality at a fair price when you need it— we even have emergency scheduling available for a reasonable fee.