Don’t Let Worn Out Bathrooms Eat Into Your Profits— Simply Restore Your Bathrooms, Don’t Waste Money Replacing Them!

Bathrooms are one of the most used facilities in any living space— private or commercial. Naturally, with all that use, they endure wear and tear and eventually begin to show it. The good news for your property is that a full renovation is not necessary to restore it to new condition. With Perfect Surface you can simply restore it, no need for a worn component to be cast aside like garbage. Don’t waste your money, invest it wisely and get your bathrooms refinished.

Our commercial refinishing crews will turn your old bathrooms into a brand new, revitalized facility that will add value to your property. Worried about downtime? No worries at all— avoid days and weeks of lost income due to full renovations with our refinishing services and save up to 75% over typical gut and remodel projects.

What We Can Restore

Our crews are highly trained with years of seasoned experience in our proprietary refinishing process. When you speak with one of our refinishing consultants, you will find that we can refinish any surface in your bathrooms including but not limited to:

  • Bathtubs/Showers- Bathtubs or walk-in showers that are peeling or flaking their coating off aren’t a lost cause— they just need to be refinished to look like new and save you a lot of money over unnecessary replacement. Don’t forget to include a drain insert in your project, the quickest way to negate the effect of a resurfaced tub or shower is a rusted, discolored old drain insert!
  • Countertops/Vanities – Nothing says old and worn out like a stained or scratched and faded countertop. Get it refinished in a number of available textures and styles— from a stone-look finish to cultured marble with a refined bullnose edge, the possibilities and colors are endless.
  • Sinks – A dirty, stained sink with fractures in the coating, give off the appearance of being an unclean facility. When you refinish with our many choices of sink finishes, you restore the feeling of cleanliness and modern style. Don’t forget, just like tubs and showers, you need to include a drain insert in your project to complete the look.
  • Tile Walls – Just like our floor refinishing, our wall refinishing is the exact same method and provides a look that complements your floors and resists mildew, germs, and moisture build-up as well.

Need One Bathroom Refinished Or Hundreds? It Doesn’t Matter— Perfect Surface Is The Solution For Jobs Of Any Size!

Our work can be seen in numerous major hotel chains, apartment complexes, office buildings and municipal facilities. Whether you just need one bathroom restored in a rental unit or an entire office building of facilities, we have you covered—all with minimal downtime. Just contact one of our refinishing consultants today to get your project moving forward.