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Are Worn Out Rooms And Facilities Dropping Your ADR Index Under 100? Our Refinishing Services Can Help Bring Your Index Rating Back Up To The Top.

With the internet having a firm place in our everyday activities; it makes sense that the social aspect of the technology makes it a worldwide sounding board as well. When your guests stay at your hotels or resorts, many will leave a review on portals such as TripAdvisor or Yelp. While 1 out of 4 guests will actively post reviews about a positive experience— even more will actively write about a negative experience. Furthermore, those that have a negative experience will avoid that property and go with the competition 96% of the time if available, even if it costs more.

Maintaining a fair share of the ADR for your market is the key to success. When a property receives negative reviews in the hospitality industry, the biggest complaint is usually the aesthetics of the facilities and the rooms. Keeping up the appearances of aging hotels doesn’t always have to mean an expensive gutting and renovation. Often, a simple refinishing is all you need throughout the building to give it that fresh look guests want.

Make An Impression That Can Set You Apart From Your Segment Competition.

Make sure you set your hotel or resort up for success by making a great first impression when guests walk through the front door. Whether it’s a full-scale luxury resort or a focused-service hotel— Perfect Surface can make a positive impact in all areas on-site that need some improvement.

  • Front Desk/Lobby – From refinishing marble or tile floors in the lobby to refinishing the front desk with beautiful, rich finishes; we can make your hotel look luxurious and inviting at first sight.
  • Guest Rooms – When your guests arrive in your newly refinished rooms with plush updated countertops, bathrooms and wall surfaces; they will be impressed with the attention to luxurious detail and that will be a deciding factor in potential return stays.
  • Restaurant/Bar – Make guests think twice when assuming your restaurant/bar area is stereotypically unassuming; with high end finished surfaces and floors that help to increase F&B revenue.

Are You Ready To Up Your RevPar With Perfect Surface?

With RBO’s such as AirBnB vying for a piece of the hospitality industry, it is more important than ever to do everything you can to increase your property’s RevPar and drive repeat stays. Loyalty programs are only effective if the property is appealing to guests. Perfect Surface has taken on projects for some of the largest hotel management firms in the country and done so with great success. Don’t get left behind, give your hotel or resort a facelift and start boosting revenue by contacting one of our refinishing consultants and laying out a plan of action.