Modern domestic kitchen with new appliances and wooden floor

Dingy Kitchen Surfaces Don’t Need To Be Replaced To Increase Profitability. Just Refinish Them!

Kitchens take a beating more than any room in a living space or commercial space such as restaurants. When you combine cooking, sharp knives, abrasive pot bottoms and extreme heat— it’s a recipe for surface degradation. When a kitchen looks old and dingy it gives the sense that the entire facility is unsanitary. Yellowed walls and pitted floor surfaces will deter potential guests or tenants and eat into revenue.

We Can Help Make Your Kitchens Sparkling New Again – Refinish Not Replace, That Is The Key!

Our refinishing process can restore your kitchens back to their original look to blend in with the rest of your space, or be recreated altogether for an updated look. Either way, going with refinishing over replacement can save you up to 70% over full replacement costs. We refinish all kitchen surfaces including:

  • Countertops/Backsplashes – Over time, a combination of factors can contribute to the degradation of your countertops and backsplashes— especially in hotel and apartment complex applications. Scratches from pots and utensils, Abrasive detergents used to clean up spills, and trapped moisture can all play a role in making your countertops look decrepit. Our process coats the surface with a durable hard coating that can reflect a large variety of looks to satisfy any style cues.
  • Kitchen Sinks – For typical porcelain or enameled cast iron sinks, the biggest problem is pitting or chipping of the surface. Those eventually spread and discoloration can occur. We can refinish the sink and restore that smooth and shiny look as if it were new. This makes your facility more appealing to potential guests or tenants. The process is fast—most are usually completed in just 1-2 days, so downtime is minimal.
  • Cabinetry – Over the years the cabinets in kitchens get grease and dirt build up from cooking residue and begin to yellow. This is unsightly for your guests or restaurant patrons. Get the Perfect Surface refinishing treatment and bring new life to old cabinets.

Restore Your Kitchens And Your Profitability—Kitchen Aesthetics Weigh Heavily In Potential Tenants Decision Making Process. Position Your Property For Maximum Profit Today!

Don’t underestimate the importance of the kitchen in renter’s hierarchy of home needs. It is crucial to impress with the kitchen if you want to keep them interested in the rest of the living space. Contact one of our refinishing consultants today!